Friday, 1 July 2011

June 2011

Sum it up - June was my first full month of no university. I spent most of it with my boyfriend and I also started setting up my website. I started with motivation to change who I am and alter elements of my life which made me unhappy. I am feeling so much happier and content with who I am.

Struggle - Unfortunately, I don't feel like I have accomplished anything really, and it saddens me that I have nothing really to show for a whole month! I haven't completed my website yet as I'm still umming and ahhing about the layout, plus I have little motivation to work on my portfolio.

Blogging - Oh dear, a whole month off and hardly any blogposts! I posted a monthly summary, a post about change and happiness, some journal pages, a post with a DIY,  a catchup and a post about my day out at the park.

For myself - I bought a new bag from bag from New Look, had a little spending spree in Primark, booked a GoApe adventure for my birthday, ordered my website domain and hosting, ate far too many KFCs and unfortunately, my car insurance!

For others - I donated to charity and bought a couple of birthday presents for friends but it seems like June was a bit of self indulgement!

My goals for June were a bit mixed and some need more than a month to achieve, so will be sticking around for July. I didn't lose any weight but I have signed up to a 5 week fitness scheme at the gym so July will be all about getting healthy! I kept forgetting to drink more water, so that will be on July's list as well as becoming more independent, and learning to relax. As I said above, I don't feel like I achieved much especially with art, so I am disappointed with that. I did donate to charity, I gave money to Shelterbox as well as collecting up my old bras for this campaign.
Hopefully July will have a better result with achieving goals! I just need to find motivation.
July's goals are here.

Sunshine, fresh sheets, sketchbooks, it still being sunny late in the evening, Grey's Anatomy, internet, my ipod, jewellery and my external hard drive.

Happy first of July! I'll try and post again soon, July seems like a pretty busy month for me :)
Katie xoxo


  1. You still have the rest of the summer! I can't wait to see the unveiling of the new website.

  2. thanks for sharing so much of your life! i know it helps other who may be feeling similar...or having struggles of their own.

    remember to feel great about what you did accomplish! (and feeling better in general is a big accomplishment, not to mention starting your website)

    excited to see the new website!