Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Slight of hand

 (Sorry about the greyness of the photos, blame the weather!)

I love paper. Stickers. Ribbons. Tape. Pens. If you buy me cute stationary of any kind, I'll love you forever. It's definitely my weak spot. I could spend millions in Paperchase if my budget would allow. I've recently started writing to my friend who lives in London, after we lost touch when she moved there for university last year, and my love for handwritten letters has returned. The other day I found a wonderful quote on the internet but I forgot to save it ): It was saying how a handwritten letter tells you so much more than an email, it shows the hesitation of your pen on the opening line, the deliberation of each word and shake of each letter.
It's so much more personal, but you don't see it much anymore. Texting, emailing, facebook chatting is all replacing the now 'old-fashioned' idea of letter writing. It is easier, faster and cheaper. I understand that, I used those methods all the time don't get me wrong. But what happened to actually sitting down and spending time to write a letter, with your favourite pen and a fresh piece of paper?
I made my first Etsy purchase the other day from a little shop called 'Cute Creations'. (Super fast delivery, cute packaging and extra goodies!) I bought a pack of japanese memo sheets and ohhh I am hooked. There aren't many other stationary items in that shop which is a huge shame because it is based in England and is pretty cheap. Does anyone know where else I can buy Japanese stationary for a good price?
I can't stop staring at all these lovely pieces of paper. I am actually getting to the point where I think they are too pretty to write on! But of course, thats silly. They're quite small, so not great for writing letters on, but I plan to pop some in my next letter with a little note on :)
As much as I enjoy writing letters, I only have the one penpal at the moment, who I know in real life. I haven't plucked up the courage to ask anyone I don't know yet, but I'd really like to! I think, possibly, when I'm feeling brave I'll ask some fellow bloggers if they fancy sending some letters too :)


  1. I absolutely love stationary, this is all so cute!

  2. Aww they are so cute! I agree with you about how emailing and sites of the internet are taking over. It's easier and cheaper for everyone, but takes away the novelty of writing and sending off letters D: xxx

  3. It really is all so cute! I love pretty stationary x

  4. Thank you for the link! I've been looking for some cute memo paper for ages... :)

    You should join the Blogger Postcard swap (link on my blog). <3

    I love writing letters - I'm currently writing one to Laura from Only Half Dressed. We can swap letters sometime too if you want? :) xoxox

  5. I love cute stationery and writing letters, it's so nice to receive them and is always something nice to look forward to! (: There's some cute japanese papers on but I think it's a little more pricey than these cute ones! (: x

  6. I would most happily be your penpal if ever you wanted me to be :) Handwritten letters are my weakness! They're so personal and so lovely to keep. It's much more of a treasury having handwritten letters stashed somewhere rather than a folder of emails on the computer!
    And that paper is ADORABLE xo

  7. I love collecting stationary too but have a hard time finding the time to actually sit down and write out letters which is a shame because I so do enjoy getting mail

  8. Oh I love stationary especially Japanese stationary I brought a ton when I was over there! It's so hard to get over here though, it's always really expensive!

    L x