Monday, 4 July 2011

Young Money

 (Photo from Wales last year)

This Saturday is my 19th birthday, and me, my twin sister and our two best friends are having a mini roadtrip to celebrate! We're travelling up to Wales on Friday and have booked a Go Ape adventure for the afternoon, which I am looking forward to. I've always wanted to do a tree top adventure course when I was younger but never got the chance. We're staying near Cardiff and Saturday is all about shopping! My family visited Cardiff last year and the amount of shops were incredible. Needless to say, we'll have no problem running out of shops, but may have to watch the purse strings! I'm planning on splashing out because, well, its my birthday, why not! We're having takeaway for dinner and then heading home Sunday morning. It will be weird not being home my birthday, I've always been around family to celebrate it. The Saturday after is the family celebration, and we'll be having a BBQ with grandparents and other halfs which we do every year, and I always look forward to. I can't believe how fast it's crept up on me this year!
Anyway, these next two weeks seem pretty busy. I helped my boyfriend move into his new student house last week, and it is absolutely lovely! It really feels like a home, certainly not like his last one, and not 'studenty'. The kitchen is wonderful and I've already filled up a cupboard with my baking supplies ;) I bought a whole load of baking trays, cake tins, pyrex dishes, spoons etc and stocked up with the essential store cupboard ingredients. This will hopefully last a long time as I plan to take these all with me as I move out in the future and move into my own place. I spent a lot of money this weekend, but it really excites me buying these things, it's like the feeling I get when I buy lots of gorgeous clothes. I'm hoping to do some baking on Wednesday and I also want to make a little recipe book, so I'll keep you all updated on my baking adventures!
Do you have any recommendations of sites/baking blogs full of recipes? I'd love to find some more :)
I'll have lots of pictures to show you after my birthday celebrations, so see you next week!


  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday & trip- I'm so jealous that you're a twin!! I love the shopping in Cardiff too, hope you treat yourself to loads of good stuff. Your baking cupboard sounds so cute- I get really excited about buying cooking/ home stuff too, maybe even more than clothes!xxx

  2. Have a lovely birthday, sweetie! I've heard Go Ape is quite fun!

  3. sounds like a great way to spend a birthday, have fun and happy birthday!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday :) xxx

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