Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011

Sum it up: July was my birthday month, so I was a little indulgent! I was pretty busy this month and it felt like the first few weeks were non stop, and July has just flown by. I shopped quite a bit and enjoyed our weekend break away to Cardiff.

Struggle: I'm working on a few things this week to finish off my to do list. My boyfriend has gone away for a week so I'm hoping to get loads done whilst I'm on my own. I usually spend most of my week at his house, but that means I don't achieve much which is a shame. Perhaps I need to sort out the balance a bit more so I actually get things done whilst I'm round his too.

Blogging: I posted a month summary, a catchup post, a post about my birthday trip to Wales, a post inspired my stationery and a review.

For myself: I bought alot of 'bottom drawer' things for when I plan to move out, mostly baking things, such as trays, bowls, mixers, scales etc which I'm keeping at Graham's seen as I cook there most of the time. I bought a gym membership and ordered some cute stationery. I bought a lot of clothes in Cardiff with my birthday money. I'm thinking of doing outfit posts again to show off some of my new clothes, but I'm rubbish with a tripod so I'll get Graham to take some photos when he's home next week.

My goals for July were a mixed bunch. Some I achieved, which I'm pleased with, but some will be carried on to August. Maybe one of these months I'll actually complete the whole thing! I completely forgot about my goal to take more photos, but I did take loads on my birthday weekend. I haven't finished my website either but thats a goal for this week seen as I am at home and have no distractions (see boyfriend.) I did write a letter to my penpal and I also decided to be brave and ask two bloggers who were willing to write to me too :) Laura and Kate; I'll write your letters this week! I did spend more time with my friends and family and enjoyed a lovely CDWM inspired meal at my friends this month. I lost 4 pounds thanks to the gym and have tried to drink more water. I certainly didn't achieve my goal of spending less time of the internet! Goodness knows how I'll ever be able to achieve that one. I did go to the post office by myself so I can tick off the start doing things by myself for this month atleast. I still need to focus on relaxing and not worrying so much.


My goals for August are:

- Finish my website!!!
- Write letters to Laura and Kate
- Lose more weight
- Create some journal pages/scrapbook
- Make art
- Learn to relax - Stop worrying and lighten up. Live a little.
- Complain less, smile more.
(I think these last two will forever be on my lists)

Ikea, cookies, best friends, family, Cath Kidston, Harry Potter, good weather.

Happy August 1st!

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  1. It was my birthday month too! Hehe, happy belated birthday Katie. I hope you had a wonderful time! And congrats with the weight loss I wish I could be as motivated!

    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick