Friday, 5 August 2011


I don't know about you, but personally, I find seeing other peoples workspaces so inspiring. I'm often re-pinning lovely interiors and desk spaces on my pinterest boards, and browsing websites such as Share Some Candy.

Here are some photos of a corner on my own desk. I decided the other day that it would be a good idea to display all my pens and pencils, in a bid to inspire me to do some drawing. I love having them on show, it makes me feel like a real illustrator! The white pot with the flower design is from ikea, and holds some of my coloured pencils and Stablo pens. The little wooden holders are also from ikea (designed to hold cutlery) and hold my plain pencils, biros and scissors. At the back are my paintbrushes and long rulers. As with the plain brown holder, both are handmade using pots (like an instant mash potato tin!) which I covered with paper. The pink flowery mug was a more recent find, in a 99p store in Christchurch! I thought the design was so Cath Kidston inspired, I just had to get it. This one holds my Promarkers, which I received for my birthday.


  1. I love seeing peoples workspaces! I like you you display your pens, they look great and are easily accessible too! x

  2. I love seeing how other people organise their work space. Mine is constant chaos!

  3. I have a slight obsession with things being organised and in their place, so these posts make me smile! I love how you have all of your pens and pencils on display, organised and inspiring! xx