Sunday, 21 August 2011

Play with fire

Oh blimey, I hadn't realised it had been that long since I've written a new blog post!
I've been to Devon with my parents for a few days which was lovely. I need to sort the photos out so I can show you what I got up to! I've had a pretty awful week to be honest, which is why I haven't been around much, but I'm fed up of feeling sorry for myself, so new week and a new start :)

I've been enjoying my days off work, and I've been decorating my nails as often as I can justify! Unfortunately I can't wear nail polish for work so I usually never bother because I dont like the idea of having to take it off so quickly! I really love having painted nails so maybe I'll just have to live with it (especially because I'm planning on buying some lovely colours from Modelsown when their sale goes live!) I've also been enjoying watching the sunsets out of my window this week, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, it never fails to amaze me!

My parents have gone away again for a few days so I'm enjoying being home alone. I think I'll have a nice cosy evening in and watch a DVD (probably Harry Potter!) and eat far too much Ben and Jerry's. Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday! xoxo


  1. I just love your nails! and those skies are so pretty, summer eves are the best.

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  2. the nails on the last picture looks great! x

  3. love your nails in the first picture xx

  4. I love your nails! Especially in the first pic! ^.^ xxx

  5. Lovely nails! Also, I LOVE your blog layout. Did you do it yourself?

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  6. Your nails look fab! I snapped that top sunset too, it was SO gorgeous

    L x

  7. your photos are gorgeous and Ben & Jerrys? yum yum! x

  8. Cool nail art!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Cait xxx

  9. love your nails! the second photo down is gorgeous! xxx