Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In the sun

Jumper: Tesco Pens: Amazon Loafers: New Look
17 Primer: Boots Jumper: Peacocks Book: Amazon
Skirt: H&M Belt: New Look Camera: Amazon

My student loan is due in next week and I have just been paid which means I can go shopping! Tomorrow I'm heading into town to splash out so hopefully we can find all the things we are looking for. H&M seem to have a lot of lovely things in at the moment so I expect I'll buy loads from there. Are we the only ones who go in to shops with a set list? We've been browsing the websites so hopefully we'll find all the things we're looking for :) I'm really loving jumpers at the moment, and Im after some more thick wooly ones which will be perfect for winter. It seems crazy talking about winter when its so hot outside; english weather doesn't know what to do!


  1. You have such lovely taste in clothes hun! I'd love all of these things - roll on pay day eh? :D xoxo

  2. The jumpers are swish, and One Day is wonderful :) enjoy your shopping,

    Rosie x

  3. Gorgeous jumpers! The weather is confusing at the moment isn't it?! Difficult to know what to wear. :) xx