Friday, 7 October 2011

All the lights are on

Hey lovelies! I started back at university again this week which has been good. I feel quite inspired about my projects, I just need to get some ideas. The amount of teaching hours this year is pretty dire though, but I guess most work for third year of my course has to be done individually. There is so much work to do this year so I need to get back into the frame of mind! Four months of summer was great, but being thrown in to work straight away needs a bit of adjustment!
Anyway on to the outfit :) I took these photos last week during the crazy mini heatwave England had. It's so different to the weather today, its windy and freezing outside! I have plenty of lovely cosy knits to wear, so its not all bad. The dress is old H&M, and I havent worn it for ages. There's an old outfit post from about a year ago with me styling this dress. I'm not linking it because it's very cringeworthy but knowing my luck it will show up in the related posts down at the bottom! I actually really like seeing how my style has changed, so I'm trying to be good and not delve into my archives to delete the embarassment because it will be a laugh in the future! I didn't get to wear hardly any of my dresses this summer so I made the most of it last week. I really love the way the skirt of it looks with the jumper, definitely something I'll be doing more of in the coming months. Very simple outfit really, but I think it looks quite nice!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I did a guest post at the very lovely Kate's blog. It's about being positive so go have a read if you fancy :) Kate's blog is one of my favourite reads so be warned you might get distracted for a couple of hours! xo


  1. I'm so glad it's got cooler again! Autumn is my favourite time of year and that heatwave got me all fashion confused!! A jumper over a dress is a great "ready for anything" outfit :) xx

  2. This outfit is so lovely, especially in the sunshine :-) although I feel cold thinking about bare legs now! & I can't believe your satchel is from Primark! xx

  3. Oh lovely outfit, I love the jumper over the dress look, it works so well!

    L x

  4. Wow love the bag and from primark ha im impressed! love the polka dots too xxx

  5. This outfit looks so comfortable and pretty. Loved the colour of the sweater!