Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vintage lettercards

If this scheduled post reaches you, I should be scoffing eating a meal with friends. Going all out with a massive dinner tonight because, well, I love food, and I need an evening off. I can feel uni is starting to stress me out already so it will be nice to relax and try not to think about work for once.

I thought I'd show you some lovely vintage postcards I found in my Dad's stash the other day. One of my projects for uni is on messaging from the Victorian age so these are perfect. I have a whole stack of postcards which are so fascinating, I found one that says they won't be in school that afternoon! Crazy how quickly their post service was, especially in comparison to today! I found these 'Letter Cards' which were hidden in the pile. I have no idea what date they're from but I'd say pretty old. They are like envelopes and when you open them up it has a concertina of photos from the town. Such a lovely idea, I would love to receive one of these today! xo


  1. I've seen a couple of letter cards before in a museum and they are awesome. What a fab find!

  2. These are so nostalgic, I love them. It's a shame not many people write anymore, we all use email/text which is convenient but not quite the same is it?! :) xx

  3. I love these! I picked a couple up from a vintage fair, they are so old and lovely :) xx