Monday, 31 October 2011

Winter winds

Basically a whole Primark outfit today! These are some of the bits I picked up from my little shopping trip the other day. Really love the snood, its so cosy and warm! The skinny jeans are much more vibrant in real life, more of a red colour than the maroon it looks in the photos. These boots seem to be my go to for the cold weather, really should try and wear the rest of my very large shoe collection!
Just a little post tonight, I'm off to do some university work. Have a good halloween! xo


  1. Happy halloween! I love your trousers and boots - I know what you mean though, it's so easy to pull on the same pair of shoes every day! you have such a lovely figure x

  2. Love the trousers, the colour is so in this season! Love your blog too, now following :-) Enjoy your evening x

  3. You've gotta love Primark for always pulling it out of the bag! Love the colours. Love the snood. Love it all!! teehee! :D xx