Friday, 11 November 2011

Echoes of mine

I thought today I'd post some photos showing what I got up to today. However, seen as the only things I've done is sit in front of my computer and eat, I didn't think it would be that interesting!
I've been trying to do some uni work because it really is piling up but I'm still suffering from lack of motivation. After trying all day and achieving work that I am not proud of, I feel rather bummed out this evening but I'm hoping ben & jerrys and a call to the boyfriend will cheer me up. I have been feeling very grumpy recently. I notice when I am in a bad mood and I hate it but I can't seem to snap out of it which makes it worse! I have to thank my boyfriend for putting up with me. I am a right stressy grump at the moment and somehow he lets it ride! About this time last year I was having a pretty rough time but managed to hide it from friends so no-one got to see this miserable alter ego. But as I can't go very long without seeing my boyfriend, he has to see my dark side too :p If you're reading this Graham, thankyou and I love ya.

I don't want this to be a negative blog but university is seriously consuming my life! I signed back up to the gym on Tuesday so this should help reduce my blood pressure and hopefully make me feel better. It's a five week offer again so I'll be trying to go quite often. (Although I did fail today, the weather was putting me off and I couldn't be bothered! slacker)
I'm almost at 200 followers! Thanks so much for reading my ramblings, it means so much and there are such lovely people on here and on twitter that cheer me up. I really want to do a giveaway when I hit 200, but I want to include some handmade stuff and some of my illustrations but by the time I actually get time to do that it might be a bit late! Either way, I want to host my first giveaway on Sugarpatch and this makes me feel very excited!
After watching Brogan's youtube videos about her chatting about Fantasy Shopper, I was intrigued and am now addicted! It's a really great site which is perfect if you love styling clothes. You get given a certain amount of money and then you're free to splash out in shops and buy whatever you want, and then style them to enter into events. Sign up here and be sure to let me know if you do so I can add you as a friend!
I think that's all the updates I wanted to say. Struggling with content for my blog at the moment so I hope you don't mind posts like these. I've got to get started on my christmas shopping so I expect there will be some wishlists and gift guides coming up and probably inspiration posts because it is one of my favourite times of the year! I have some christmas meals and a work party at the beginning of December so hopefully some formal outfit posts too :) Have a good weekend! xo


  1. I love all the pretty pens on your desk! Hope uni gets less stressful, and that Ben & Jerrys cheers you up tonight.
    I keep avoiding Fantasy Shopper as I can see myself getting addicted! Not sure how long I can resist xxx

  2. your little desk looks wonderful! hope university gets less stressful for you.


  3. Being the nosey parker I am I love posts like these! I especially love seeing people's creative spaces. Totally going to borrow your amazing idea of filling mugs with pencils! I hope your motivation returns soon, creative blocks are horrible but I'm sure things will get easier. xx

  4. I love your desk! I have such a thing for little pots filled with pens and coloured markers! It's probably not a normal thing but hey ho!

    I don't know how boyfriends put up with us sometimes :) xxx

  5. Your desk is so pretty. You can't even see mine it's so covered in stuff!

    I really hope your spirits are raised soon! I hate it when work gets super stressful. Make sure to take time for yourself.


  6. Your desk is so pretty!

    hope uni gets less stressful xxx

  7. I love posts like this! i'm a new to your blog, and have just read the last ten posts or so but I love it so far! Is your desk always that tidy? Ig so, kudos!

  8. How much stationary?! arranged so nicely :) xoxo