Saturday, 26 November 2011

Midnight City

I can't believe we're only a month away from christmas! It reminds me I really need to get my bum in to gear and buy some more presents. I have, instead, been buying some little things for myself.

I had to pop in to Primark last week to get something for my Mum, which in the end I couldn't find but found stuff for myself instead! I was going to try and cut back on my spending but I can't seem to help myself. I picked up another chunky knit cardigan which I live in these days, its certainly getting colder and I often throw these on top of my jumpers for extra warmth! I also saw these lovely shearing boots. I was a bit worried they'd rub but I have been wearing them a lot and no problems to report :) They're very much like my brogues, but I think more suitable for winter.

This I call my Mary Poppins bag. I had seen in linked on Charlene's blog a while back but was put off by the £29.99 price tag. But then I had a brainwave and used the 50% off voucher I got from H&M through the post and nabbed it at, what I think, is a much more reasonable price. Whenever I go to stay at my boyfriends (over the weekends) I end up taking a million bags because I always pack far too much. I knew this bag was pretty big, but it's never ending! So good for fitting all my things in, and I would really recommend it if you are travelling or whatnot. It fits so much in! Plus I really love the colours, but they do do it in red as well, here.

Signed up to the gym again. I'm not a great motivator but I have been going with my sister which helps. At the moment it's just a 5 week trial, but I think I might join up afterwards seeing as I get a really good discount because I'm a student. Need to lose a few pounds, but I think that's due to my diet rather than exercise. I just love the feeling you get after you've been to the gym, and seeing yourself getting better at it. I hope you all have a really good weekend! xo


  1. Wow, nice H&M bag! Think I must get one for myself aswell. Thanks for reminding me about buying Christmas presents, I haven't even started... Love your blog :) Have a nice day! Lisa

  2. Ah I love those boots! I had a little wander around Primark the other day searching for some cute shoes, but I never saw these :( Definately going to have to go and have another look aha! And that bag is so nice too, you got some great stuff!

  3. love the first pic and your bag! :D Xx