Sunday, 20 November 2011


How are you all? I've had a pretty good week, and for once don't feel stressed! I have a hand in on Tuesday and have all that work wrapped up so I feel relaxed and pleased. Yesterday I had a day off work and had such a lovely day. Every year we celebrate my Grandma's birthday and have a family day out. Yesterday we headed off to Lymington market which was lovely, then on to a garden nursery, followed by another garden centre and some crafty shops. It felt so good to have a Saturday off work and really lovely to spend it with all my family. We had a picnic for lunch by the sea which we always eat in the car because it is usually bad weather! Surprisingly a nice day yesterday, blue skies but a bit nippy. Oh and finished off the day with chinese and icecream! Pretty perfect :)

I have started my christmas shopping but feel so disorganised! I need to make some lists I think and start budgeting too. My favourite bit is probably gift wrapping so I'll be starting to gather inspiration for that. I find 'Gifted' an excellent online publication for advice with gift giving and definitely think its a great place for inspiration. I particularly suggest reading last years issue, which has DIYs and tutorials as well as gift ideas and I find to be more my sort of thing :)
I'll be posting some gift guides soon and letting you all know how I'm getting on! Rosie linked an excellent site on her blog the other day which I have cheekily purchased for myself! It's called Notanotherbill and you pay a monthly subscription to get something lovely through your letterbox. If you are an arty/graphic design inspired person I would definitely suggest checking it out! The past presents look so awesome, such a shame I didn't hear about this earlier but I'm so glad I have now! There is an offer on at the moment for 3 months for £30 and I expect I'll blog about the lovely goodies I get. A naughty early christmas present for myself there. Roll on payday!

I've got a nasty ear infection at the moment which I seem to get every year. I am always having ear problems and I think I'll have to go back to the doctors once its cleared up to get it sorted once and for all. Rubbish because I hate going to the doctors but it's such a nuisance being deaf in one ear! I'm feeling pretty inspired at the moment though so hopefully I can plan some illustrations, my 200 follower giveaway and get a start on designing some christmas cards and gift tags. I am off to the gym now (got to work off that chinese, oh and the burger and chips on Thursday, and...) oops! Not doing so well on the healthy eating front but I love food far too much.

Have a happy Sunday girls! xo


  1. thank you for the gifted link...fabulous x

  2. aw, hope your ear gets better soon! that's no fun :( Also, I had a look at Notanotherbill, it looks really cool! Theres a really great collation of links in this post, i'll have to remember it!
    taylah x

  3. haha I'm so disorganized for my christmas gift this year to
    have a merry christmas :)
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage