Thursday, 19 January 2012

Intial Rose


Shoes. I own far too many but I can't seem to stop myself from buying more. Why would I want to?
Despite my many pairs, the ones I reach to the most are my boots. They just seem to go with everything and are pretty perfect for the English weather. I wear boots with tights, skirts and dresses, or simply with skinny jeans and a jumper.

I picked these ADDICT-INITIAL Rose boots as my favourite from the huge selection at Sarenza. Granted, they're not the most elegant, special or jaw dropping. But I don't think shoes always have to be. These are suitable, comfortable and very me! I love the colour Fango, a lovely medium to light brown that will go with anything. I love the shearling ankle collar, the contrast of the material with the leather. The slight heel, for that little bit of extra height to make me feel that bit more confident. The satisfaction of tying laces, when you pull the cord tight to make the boot fit. A nice wood effect rubber sole to add a rustic feel. 

For me, a pair of boots are perfect. I'd wear them all the time, therefore get as much use out of them as I can. That's what I think shoes are for. Not that they get the most attention, are difficult to walk in or make the most outlandish statement. Ones that suit me, that I'm happy with and that I'd wear with pride. This is my entry to the Sarenza Ambassador competition. If you want to have a go, all the details are here :) 


  1. They look lovely :)
    I'm such a huge fan of boots too :p I live in them...!
    x x x

  2. Ooooh these are lovely! You can't beat a good pair of boots, especially with the British winter weather...


  3. I'm a shoe girl too. These boots are really cute and they look comfy too.