Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pack up

- I feel like my blog has been losing a personal touch recently so I want to get back in to sharing more day to day things. I want this blog to be something to look back on when I'm older so I think it would be nice to show the things that would be forgotten. I used to do Sunday Roundups but somewhere along the way I stopped. I think that's probably because university took over and I didn't actually have anything interesting to photograph! I've been using my ipod camera more this week in an attempt to capture the little things, so I'll be popping posts like this up from time to time. The quality won't be great but that's okay :) -

L-R; Crazy weather this week. It's been blue skies but SO cold. I know some places in the country have had snow, and I heard Southampton got a sprinkle this morning. This photo was of the hailstones that were pelting down and making some loud noise on my velux window. 

I tweeted this picture of my gorgeous new shoes from Asos the other week, the Leigh Patent ballet shoes in nude. I deliberated on these for weeks because I don't like buying shoes online, but finally took the plunge to make my first ever Asos order and I'm so glad I did. I expect these will feature in an outfit post soon! 

I bought a new computer this week. My beloved mac was starting to get far too slow and it made working on it a right hassle! I'm back to being a PC, as it's much easier to sort out if I want to customise it. It's got much more ram and other technical stuff so it's definitely sped up my workflow. Tempted to buy a second monitor too but my cars MOT is coming up and it's definitely going to be expensive!

Here's a photo of my new haircut. I finally bit the bullet and got it done professionally. I had some layers put in and a good three inches of the bottom and its still pretty long! My hairdresser cut my fringe pretty short which I was a bit unsure on but I love it now.

I've had the week off work so I've been painting my nails and trying out some designs a la Gem Fatale. And finally, a picture of some chocolate, which my week day is not complete without!
Hope you all have a good week! xo


  1. Ahh, your hair looks lovely! Definitely keep these posts up, i've missed seeing what you are up to! xx

  2. Your fringe is soo nice, really suits you! I love posts like these :) x

  3. I love those shoes! I've never ordered from ASOS before either xxx

  4. LOVE those shoes, they're so pretty! I really need to buy myself some new flats, all my old ones have been worn to death and are falling apart!

    Gillian x

  5. Loving those shoes and your nails are looking fab too! xoxo

  6. Your nails look amazing! I've recently started to get into painting my nails differently after seeing The Dainty Squid do her zig zag nails.