Thursday, 8 March 2012

Take it all

Whilst my boyfriend had to pop in to uni yesterday, I had an hour and a half to kill in the town centre. It was only natural I bought things! I have been trying to cut back on spending, and actually doing quite well on the clothes/make-up part, it's just the food and takeaways I can't say no to! Anyway, I bought a few things which had been on my mental 'to-buy' list for a long time.

The MUA eye-shadow was only a pound and I'll use it for filling in my eyebrows. I find defining my brows makes such a big difference, and I much prefer using a shadow than a pencil.

The make-up wipes I had seen recommended by Brogan on youtube, and I got a No.7 £5 off voucher and used it on these. Personally I wouldn't pay £7 for a packet of make-up wipes but it's much more reasonable at only £2. I currently use cheap little Poundland 'Pure' ones, so it'll be interesting to see what the difference is!

I've been after a foundation brush for a while, because my Ecotools set didn't come with one and I had lost my previous one. It was just a Primark one (I think it's clear I'm not too fussed when it comes to make-up!!) but I have no idea where it's gone. It was about £1.50 and did the job well enough but whenever I went back into my local Primark, they didn't have any. So I paid the £3.99 for this Superdrug own brand one and I really like it. Although, murphy's law, when I popped in to Primark straight after, they had them in stock! Needless to say, this is much better quality.

Finally, a new eyeliner. I had been using Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner which was really easy to use because of the pen tip but I was getting fed up of it smudging off. My left eye has a a lower brow than my right, and it always rubs off my eye liner and it looks stupid having one eye with perfect liner and the other a smudged mess! I had heard good things about L'oreal Paris Super Carbon Gloss, so I tried it yesterday and I am so happy with it. It isn't perfect because my low brow still causes it to wear away slightly but it hasn't smudged at all and it doesn't make me eyes look unevenly done. So, very happy with this purchase, and only £6.49 from Boots.

Have you made any sneaky purchases recently? My pay packet this month will include my bonus (woohoo!) so I'm going on a big shopping spree in April! Hope you are all having a good week, and thank you to my lovely new (and current) followers! I really need to get that give away sorted, I promise to get my butt into gear once these university deadlines are out of the way :)


  1. I love MUA cosmetics, they are so cheap and pretty good! x

  2. MUA lipsticks are great. I bought some estee lauder doublewear concealer which I LOVE x

  3. I really want to try MUA cosmetics xxx