Monday, 30 April 2012

Some things...

...That I'd like to do when I get my life back (aka when I finish university!)
I'm sorry things are quiet on the blog front, quite simply, third year is kicking my butt! Ahh so much work but hopefully it will all pay off. Still can't quite believe I have about three weeks left, where have the past three years gone? It's pretty scary, but luckily I have a job ready for me to start so atleast that's one thing I don't need to stress about. I've been thinking about all the things I'd really love to do, but can't, so I'm writing them all down here to remind me that I should do them when all the work is finished, and to look forward to them then and not procrastinate now!

Sew something
Watch Doctor Who Series 2 onwards
Go on a roadtrip
Visit somewhere new with Graham
Have a picnic in the park
Spring clean my room
Watch Greys Anatomy
Go on a walk with my camera
Catch up on the huge amount of blog posts in my reader
Read a book
Play Sims 3!
Walk along the beach at sunset
Practice origami
Go to a car boot sale
Bake lots of yummy goods

I have so many little ideas for blog posts too but unfortunately no time to do them! I've written them down though, so as soon as May 24th hits I'll go crazy! Ah I can't wait :) What sort of things do you do when you have time off?


  1. I always have a list like this in my head, in fact it's surprisingly similar to yours. Roadtrips with summer sun and music playing...sounds perfect, let's go! And you better be going crazy on May 24th - it's my birthday ;) haha best of luck with the final weeks of uni!

  2. All of the hard work now will pay off, and you will be able to look back at this time and be proud of all the time and effort you put into it.
    I like making lists, even if the things I want to do seem a long way away, having them written down always reminds me that one day I will do them xxx

  3. Sounds like a fun list !! I nominated you for a versatile blogger award here