Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Four Thousand

 I thought I'd show you one of the university projects I've been creating for the past 6 months. The hand-in for this project is tomorrow and I think this is my favourite one so far. I chose the subject of cartography and then we had to create a book based on the subject. Because I'm on a creative course, this project acted as our dissertation and had to include atleast 2000 words. The book focuses on the changes of cartography throughout history, particularly focusing on the Ordnance Survey (the national mapping agency for Great Britain). My parents used to work for them and my Uncle still does, so I had great links and content from their knowledge. Cartography is no longer what it used to be, and has changed from being a artform to completely digital based which I think is a shame. I find the idea of drawing a map painstakingly by hand is so fascinating and although it's inevitable with modern technology, I do think it's a shame it's done entirely by computers now. 

The main argument in the book is the idea that paper maps are dying out. What with sat navs and smart phones with GPS, the paper map is being used less and less, and many people think the paper map will be gone in years to come, with people using the internet to print one off, or their phone, instead. I found this project so interesting, and I'm really proud of it. I got it hard bound in a gorgeous blue and the pages are a mix of tracing paper, cartridge paper, cutouts and actual maps. Only one more week and one more hand-in next Wednesday, and I've officially finished university!

P.S. It's called 'Four Thousand' because in the 1970s, the Ordnance Survey employed 4000 staff. Now there's only 1000!


  1. Wow Katie, that's amazing, you're a clever girl xx

  2. That looks amazing!! :) You must've worked so hard on it :) well done
    x x x

  3. This looks fabulous. I would be so proud of being able to do something like that and say it was my own! Wish I was more creative. Hopefully you get to keep it after they've marked it all! Good luck! (: xx

  4. That's such a cool dissertation project, I wish mine was gonna be as cool :(
    The book is beautiful, it would be wonderful if you could get it published. Cartography sounds really fascinating, I love looking at old maps and there's just as much artistry behind making them as a classical painting xoxo

  5. This looks amazing! Such a professional looking outcome too! I hope your marks are amazing too - you deserve it!


    1. I really love your photos!
      I like your blog so I follow you now :) Follow back maybe? :)

  6. Ohh wow! Your dissertation is fantastic! I love that you choose something real and physical like a map <3

    Maps beat smart phones maps hands down! xxxxxx

  7. Holy cow this is seriously so amazing. It looks so professional and well designed and put together!


  8. this is amazing! you're so talented =) xo

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