Monday, 25 June 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

1. Anthropologie 2. Print 3 & 4. Both Ikea 5. Here 6. Here

Seeing as I'm moving house at the moment, I thought it would be rather apt that I do an interior post! I'm moving out from home into a rented flat, so despite the fact I can't decorate like I did in my childhood room (anyone used to have a photo wall?!) because of restrictions of renting, I'm determined to make it my perfect vision of a dream home. I'll start off with the bedroom.

I'm loving the colour combination of white, grey, yellow and turqouise. Splashes of colour would be perfect in the room seeing as the majority of our bedroom furniture is white! I've popped all the links to the products/photo sources below the photo but I am loving pinterest at the moment as a place to collect inspiration! Here's a link to my interior boards, and although my new flat will be a far cry from some of the model showhomes I pin, I can't wait to make it a safe haven for me to escape to after work. I have, however, been told to stop buying so many house bits by my boyfriend but I can't help myself! I have so many things, I'm not sure whether his stuff will fit too ;) So this is a peek into my dream room. What's yours like?

P.S. Layezee are currently running a competition over here to find the best british bedroom. I for one love to have a nose around other people's bedrooms and I'll be sure to pop photos of mine once it's finished on the blog soon! If you upload photos of your bedroom to the competition, you'll be in for a chance to win some gift vouchers! It runs until the end of July so you've got plenty of time to enter :)

- In collaboration with Layezee - 


  1. The print is lovely, & I really like the yellow candle! XO.

  2. Such a bright, relaxing colour scheme. I'm a big fan of white and grey-blue - I rock that in my bedroom!

    I love the print. It would look amazing against a white wall. :)

  3. this would make for a lovely bedroom. Very bright but not overly so. Cant wait to see the final product!

  4. This is all very nice, the colour scheme is lovely. I now really, really want that Etsy print! x

  5. Good one and looking best as well. Thanks that your better given ideas here can work well. Its really good to go with it.