Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Update

Hello! I thought I'd pop in with a life update. Things have been crazy busy! I finished university on May 24th and it's such a lovely feeling to wake up and not worry about uni work! I still don't think it's sunk in that I am no longer a student, I keep feeling like I'm just on holiday and I'll be back to it next week! It hasn't all been relaxing since I finished university though, things are moving very quickly. Me and my boyfriend found a lovely flat and so I'll be moving out for the first time this month! I'm so looking forward to it, although I love my parents, I just cannot wait to have my own place and my own independance. We're hoping to get the keys mid way through June, so the next few weeks will be full of packing and clearing.

Did you all have a nice long weekend? I had to work three out of the four days unfortunately so I haven't done anything patriotic! Saturday was my Nana and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary (they got married on Coronation Day) so it was lovely to go out for a meal with the whole family to celebrate. I have my graduate show on the 16th June and my other set of grandparents will be travelling down to see that, so that will be nice. My calendar for this month is much fuller than normal, so I'm keeping busy. I thought there wouldn't be much to do with university finishing, but that's certainly not the case! I'll try and blog again soon, I have lots of posts planned but I need to organise myself to get everything done! Thank you to all my lovely readers, I do still have that giveaway coming up but life keeps getting in the way! It makes me smile when I see that little follower count go up and to see you all enjoy my blog. I've been feeling inspired to blog more and really make Sugarpatch into something special, but I think that will have to be on hold until July. I hope you all have a lovely week, Katie xo

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  1. Good luck with your move, I'm sure you will find moving out from home a wonderful new adventure xxx