Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Beauty Essentials

I've been more interested in skincare and beauty recently so I thought I'd write a post showing you all some of my beauty essentials.

01. Nivea Deodorant. Deodorant's a bit of a boring one isn't it? I've never had a deodorant that I was particularly impressed with; I mean, they just do what they say on the tin right? When I started using this one though, I made a mental note to rebuy! It smells so nice. Previously I used a Dove deodorant but the smell was extremely strong, whereas this one is much more suited to me! It claims to be anti 'invisible' on black and white clothing, although I haven't tested that aspect of it so far, is something that's pretty useful. I can smell it throughout the day, so it lasts a good while and is a great anti perspirant.

02. Batiste dry shampoo. I've only just delved in to the world of dry shampoo (late to the party as always) but I'm really impressed. Why didn't I try this sooner? Washing my hair feels like a chore sometimes, so when I'm feeling lazy I just spray this in to my hair and it looks freshly washed. My hair gets greasy extremely quickly and I was becoming more aware of the negatives of washing your hair so often. This is a much better alternative for me!

03. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I asked for this for my birthday after it being on my wishlist for months. I love it! It makes taking off my make-up really easy and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. Before this product, I was never too worried about taking off my make up properly and just used a makeup wipe or (heaven forbid) not bother at all. Cleanse and Polish actually makes me want to take my make up off! I use the muslin cloths that come with it and I know it is getting every single scrap of make up and dirt off my face. I seem to have less break outs too, and I know that's down to me taking care of my skin properly for once.

04. Simple Moisturiser. I mentioned I picked this up in my haul blog post after needing a new moisturiser. This was half price in Boots, along with other products from the Boots own range and I'm really pleased with it. It doesn't take too long to sink into the skin and the packaging is nice and clean. It has a lid and a hole in the top to dispense the product. I can see I might have a problem with this when I get near to the end of the product but for now, it's great.

05. Real Techniques Buffer Brush. I bought the Core Collection in Boots a few months ago as a treat for getting my job. Before, I was using my fingers or a flat brush to apply my foundation and the first time I used this brush I noticed a huge difference. It blends it in perfectly and I wasn't left with streaky foundation or an unblended neck! RT brushes are a bit pricy, but I'd say definitely worth the money.

06. Vaseline. I hate the feeling of having dry lips, and it's something that happens quite often! I've always got a lip balm in my handbag but I really like this one for adding a nice shine and moisturising my lips. It seems to be one of those products that everyone owns, which must be a good sign.

07. Collection 2000 Concealer. This one's been pretty raved about on many blogs so I'll just say this. It's the only concealer I've ever bought so I don't really know how well it compares to others; but it's a good consistency and great at hiding blemishes.

08. Black hair clip. I picked this up in either Boots or Superdrug ages ago (it came in a pack of three) but only started using it recently. It's so useful for clipping my fringe out of the way when I take my make up off and also putting it on in the morning. A simple one, but very useful.

09. L'oreal Super Carbon Gloss. Another product that has countless reviews already, and a sure staple in my makeup routine. I'm never seen without eyeliner, and this one is a good black and has great staying power. I have a slightly hooded eyelid on my left eye which has made most eyeliners I've tried smudge, leaving it look like eyeshadow on one eye and eyeliner on the other! This one isn't perfect, it does flake off slightly but not enough for me to have to reapply.


  1. You need to tell me more about dry shampoos! I've been looking into buying one, but I"m afraid to spend too much on something I won't like. Have you tried any bad ones? Why did you end up picking the one you use?

    <3 Cambria

  2. I really want to try some real techniques brushes & the l'oreal liner! Great post lovely! Xo

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