Monday, 16 July 2012

Pop Culture


The past 18 hours have felt rather surreal! I received an email from my university last night with my final degree results and I'm feeling pretty proud to be able to say I now have a first class honours degree! Me and my boyfriend had a little dance party in the flat to celebrate, and it was just perfect!

The rest of today has been the usual Monday. As it's my day off, we rode in to town (I bought a new bike last week!) and bought a few bits which you can see in the last photo. I needed a new moisturiser and saw this Boots sensitive skin one on half price so picked up two. Also, some grey wool and some buttons ready to create some new cushion covers. The package in the photo above arrived this afternoon and is full of cushions waiting to be covered! I think I'll have a nice relaxing evening of sewing! What are you up to tonight? xo


  1. Congratulations!
    Look forward to seeing the cushions. My Monday will consist of catching up with Kardashians & Breaking Bad :) xx

  2. Massive congratulations on your First! You little brainbox! Seriously, that's absolutely amazing, you should be very proud of yourself! Enjoy your sewing, sounds like a perfect evening. X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. That's amazing, congratulations! :D You must have worked incredibly hard. I'm glad you bought something to reward yourself! :)


  4. Congratulations on your first!! That's amazing! :)
    It sounds like you've had a good Monday - most of my evening was spent at work - the rest of it will be spent finishing up craft projects :)