Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soft as fontenelle

Here are a few snaps of the new flat! I absolutely love it here and I think we're definitely in the final stages of unpacking. Moving in whilst starting a new job wasn't the easiest thing to do; it's never a good feeling of getting home from a long day and then having to unpack the mountains of boxes! Well, it's done now and I'm just adding finishing touches. It's a lovely place and I can see me and Gray being very happy here! We've picked colour schemes (see this post for the bedroom) and we're just buying little things here and there to accessorise! I got my sewing machine out last night and set to work making some new cushion covers to go with the lounge's colour scheme. I bought a few pieces of clothes from the local charity shops which meant I saved a lot on fabric and I've enjoyed sewing again! I also picked up a crochet hook again and retaught myself how to make granny squares, so hopefully I'll have something finished to show you soon!
I'll take some proper photos with my DSLR once it's all done, but if you're like me, snapshots like these are good too!

P.S. Thank you so much for continuing to follow whilst the blog is quiet! Every time I log in I see the little follower count has topped up and it makes me so happy! I think I've mentioned this before but I really want to start blogging more - I just need to work on my time management. Which reminds me of that giveaway I keep promising, dear me!


  1. I am so in love and equally jealous of your beautiful new home! (: I can't wait to get my own place which isn't just student accomodation and put my own little touches to it. Love the fact that you're making your own cushion covers and putting your own stamp on everything too (: xx

  2. Awww, it looks lovely! So nice having somewhere to put your own stamp on.
    I would love to learn to crochet but I can barely knit (or sew for that matter!) I just seem to get in a real tangle ;) xx

  3. lovely photos! good luck with moving and all :)xo