Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Space-saving solutions

With autumn finally here, it's nearing the time of year where we start to fill our homes with nice things: decorations, foods, gifts, treats, and of course, a new winter wardrobe! With that in mind, here are some handy space-saving tips to make sure your home stays tidy and comfortable throughout the winter months!

The living room 

The living room is a hub of activity for most households – it's where we go to relax, watch TV, eat breakfast, entertain guests, and even fall asleep! For a multi-purpose room, you need multi-purpose furniture. A table that folds away against a wall is ideal for a small living area, while additional storage space in the form of a window seat or low blanket box keeps things hidden away until you need them.

The kitchen

A small kitchen can be an absolute nightmare, especially during the colder part of the year when you're most likely to be making stews and soups, as well as the odd fruit cake. Maximise space by attaching hooks to the outsides of cupboards, allowing you to store quick kitchen essentials like graters and sieves within arm's reach. A rolling cart can double as both shelf and counter space, and can be easily tucked away the rest of the time.

The bedroom

The bedroom should be a safe haven from clutter throughout the year, but unfortunately, that's rarely the case for most of us! A simple and stylish solution is a storage bed, which effectively adds a second wardrobe to your bedroom, ideal for clothes and shoes or even bedding and towels. Check out the options over at www.storagebedsdirect.com for beds in classic and contemporary designs, with fabric and leather spreads, for a good idea of the different styles and the space you could reclaim for your bedroom!

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