Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A cursive line

I thought I'd pop a little update on the blog now we've finished another month already! I know I say it all the time but I can't believe how fast time flies, and it's pretty worrying! I wish I could achieve so much more than I do but nothing gets done so I usually just end up feeling disheartened and plain lazy! I need to get motivated and start doing things rather than wasting time on the internet (as I so easily do) and I think it will make me feel better about myself too.

I've been feeling a bit rubbish lately which is a cumulation of a few things but I always seem to find comfort in food. I've put on some weight recently and basically feeling cruddy. I want to start eating healthier and not just to lose the extra weight, but to feel better in myself. I think one of the reasons I am feeling a bit 'blah' and unmotivated is the fact I eat badly. I snack a lot, but not on good foods. I crave crisps and chocolate but I need to start swapping these for fruit and salad. I was sent some Jordans products to try last week and these Luxury Nut bars have gone down a treat with Graham. I hate nuts so they weren't for me but Graham said these were delicious and we popped some more in our trolley on our weekly food shop as they're 2 for £3 in Sainsburys at the moment. I've always liked cereal bars so maybe I'll have a look at others in the range and start snacking on those.

I was also sent this scarf from Kelloggs. I am starting to really love lightweight scarfs and surprisingly they do still keep you warm. I find thick wooly scarfs are a bit too much and I overheat in them at this time of year so scarves like this are much better for me. This one was designed by celebrity fashion designer Phillip Armstrong in celebration of Tony the Tiger's 60th birthday. I think it's a really fun scarf although I'm not really sure what colours to wear it with! I think I'd have to pair it with black, or atleast a block colour as the scarf is so bright. There's 500 of these limited edition scarves to buy from 6pm on November 2nd from the Kellogg's pop up shop on ebay or you can like them on facebook for the chance to win one. All proceeds will be donated to Fareshare food banks to provide 12,000 breakfasts to hungry schoolchildren across the UK.

I've had a nice relaxing day although I always find the weather makes me more lethargic! I've been having far too many lay ins but I'm determined to have a productive day tomorrow! I have some clay ornaments currently hardening in the cupboard so hopefully I'll paint them tomorrow and show them all to you! I'll be spending tonight chilling out making pizza and probably watching a film. I'm not big on Halloween but I hope you have a good evening whatever you're doing! xo

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