Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Sugarpatch Giveaway

Its here! I finally got round to photographing the giveaway I've been planning for far too long. I wanted to say thank you to all you lovely people who read my blog and without writing something too cliched, Sugarpatch wouldnt be where it is now without you all! I love that I can ramble on and share with you the things that I love and then chat with you in the comments and on twitter! I've made some true friends through blogging and so this little giveaway is basically a huge thank you! Now what was I saying about not being cliched?!
Unfortunately I can't give something away to all of you, so I'm using Rafflecopter to be able to choose a winner from all your entries. I've put together a box full of the things I love and hopefully you will too. Some of the goodies include:

-Jewellery from Ladybird Likes.
- MUA products
- Gifts from dotcomgiftshop
- Stationery
- Oct/Nov issue of Oh Comely

If these sound like things you fancy then just fill out the Rafflecopter form below with extra entries for following me on twitter and tweeting about the giveaway. All should be self explanatory so, GOOD LUCK! I'll draw the winner in one week! xo

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. aw this is such a cute giveaway, lots of thought behind it! :D xx

  2. This is an incredible giveaway, so excited to enter. :D

  3. This is just the cutest giveaway! I must say, you have fab taste in prizes :)
    Kaz x