Thursday, 25 October 2012

Choosing The Best Silk Pyjamas

Many of us take the clothes we wear to bed for granted and as such, settle for any old t-shirt and leggings combination. It is however important to dress appropriately for bed, especially if you wish to appear as sophisticated at night as you do during the day.
Silk nightwear is one of the most chic sleepwear options available to date. Not only does such an ensemble offer a great deal of comfort, it also boasts both style and luxury.

There are many incentives attached to silk pyjamas, one of them being the light and soft fabric. Such a style is often looser in its fit which allows you to move freely at night. Your body is therefore able to unwind and relax in a carefree manner.
Silk pyjamas boast a timeless design that can be worn again and again. Whether you opt for a combination of drawstring pants and jackets or nightdresses, slips and short and camisole ensembles, these are a great investment.

Value for Money 

Silk pyjamas are often a little more in price than that of your standard styles, they do however tend to last a lot longer. As well as a gift to you, they make a perfect present for a loved one – especially as Christmas edges closer.
Dressing in a certain manner during the day can make you feel confident, on-trend and stylish. This shouldn’t change as the time does and as such, a luxurious pair of pyjamas is a must-have for any independent woman.

Warm and Passionate 

Silk night attire is often described as romantic and because of this, boasts a feminine and chic appeal. On top of that, the material can be comfortable and warm to wear – making it as practical as it is attractive.
When investing in night attire, it’s important to consider both the fit and the style. Nightclothes need to feel comfy as well as looking on-trend. An assortment of lingerie brands boast styles created in a superlative rich mix of materials. Such styles are the ultimate in femininity.

Silk nightwear is also suited to women of all ages and as a result, there are a huge number of styles to choose from. Countless women opt for silk pyjamas because of the comfort and sensuality it creates. Because of these factors, silk night attire has become an essential part of a women’s wardrobe – the only thing you need to decide is what style of pyjamas to select.


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  2. Lower quality silk such as the one used in women's lingerie can easily become dull after a few washes, whereas 19 momme silk generally starts to lose its original shiny exterior after 5-6 months of usage. 22 momme silk however, can last up to 2 years before starting to dull.

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