Tuesday, 2 October 2012


With the past week or so being noticably colder thanks to the new season, I've been thinking about investing in a new coat. I often find myself struggling when it comes to outerwear; I want something fashionable but fitting and not looking too boring for the winter.
I usually find myself buying coats in black or grey but after having a look on the Joules website I am certainly feeling a bit more inspired this year. Tones of brown and khaki are going to a big hit this season with the whole military trend (look at me being all fashion-y!) but I love the womens jackets that are navy and purple, especially this one and this one. One thing I love about all these are the lining! They are lined with printed cotton in really lovely fabrics which make the coat much more appealing to me. They add a girly touch and the bright colours, such as pink ribbon on the zip, makes the coat much more fun. The jackets keep you warm and are still fashionable, so I think I've found a winner! xo

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