Thursday, 15 November 2012

Uniqlo Heattech Range

I have always felt the cold. I'm the one who always wears a coat, even when people are walking around in shorts, and the one wearing gloves when people are wearing flip flops.

I always have to layer up, and I was sent some information about Uniqlo's HEATTECH range which I want to share with you! HEATTECH is engineered for warmth and designed with rayon fibres which naturally retain and lock in heat within the tiny air pockets created between them.

There's moisture retention, and also anti-static and anti-bacterial properties and a new 'moisture-transfer' function for the men's line. Uniqlo believes traditional bulky winter warmth is no longer necessary to stay warm and winter fashion should combine fashion and warmth. I love this idea! Their loungewear looks really comfortable, there's nothing better than a night in relaxing in tunics and leggings and reading a good book in my opinion!

With all this science I was expecting a high price but the range starts at £7.90. And HEATTECH isn't just for the freezing cold day in January or the snowy alps, it's also for everyday activities.

If you'd like a sample of the HEATTECH clothing from their Oxford Street store just give me a tweet or an email and I'll give you a unique code!


  1. My Mum discovered these a few winters ago and bought me a navy HEATTECH vest top. It's obviously great for layering but I also found that worn as a normal vest top I was able to wear it on a night out and still keep vaguely warm and nobody would know the difference! Excellent idea and nice post about it too.

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