Friday, 28 December 2012

It's Christmas Time

Hello! Apologies that I dropped off the radar for a while and haven't posted anything very personal/substantial recently... But the good news is I'm feeling better about blogging and I should have much more time to be able to actually blog! I've been busy working but I had such a lovely christmas and really enjoyed the time off! Did you all have a good christmas? I was absolutely spoilt rotten and have spent all day finding new homes for everything! It's such a good feeling going through all the goodies and sorting out everything, although I always make such a mess!

Yesterday I drove to Basingstoke to go shopping with my Mum and my sister and spent a large amount of my christmas money! Above are my Primark sale purchases- I got that lovely dress for just a tenner, the jumper for seven and the blouse for five! The collar is so sweet but it's very seethrough so I bought a little cami to pop underneath. I also bought a new satchel bag that's very Cath Kidston-esque, some new moisturisers (I'll do a skincare post soon), home bits and some lovely stationery bits in Tiger and Paperchase.

I didn't get in to the christmas mood this year, which is completely out of character as I'm usually singing away to christmas songs in November! I think it's because I was working whereas previously I've been in education so was used to so much more time off! I find it crazy that it's all over but I'm excited about starting 2013 as hopefully it will be much kinder than 2012! I want to write a summary post and a resolution post too, but I'm off to Cornwall on Monday! I've been invited to stay with my boyfriends family so we're off on our roadtrip early Monday morning and coming home next Friday. It will be lovely to have a little holiday and spend New Years doing something different!

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely christmas and have a happy new year! xo


  1. your christmas dinner looks delicious! It sounds like you picked up some good bargains in primark, I havent been able to bring myself to sales shop this year so have only picked up a few things online.
    lets drive far away

  2. I find myself getting less Christmassy year on year too, working until a few days before just isn't the same as having a month off at uni! xo

  3. Looks like you had a gorgeous Christmas! Loving the primark dress too :) x