Friday, 4 January 2013


 (A little rugged house in the country, and my first cornish pasty -in the rain!-)

Hello! And happy new year! Did you all have a good one? Me and Gray headed down to Cornwall on Monday and spent the evening having a lovely meal in a country pub and ended up in the village tradition of standing hand in hand outside singing Auld Lang Syne at midnight! It was good fun, and we had a lovely relaxing week chilling out before I return to work tomorrow.
As usual, I've got a couple of resolutions for this year. They're just little ideas and hobbies I'd like to expand, so not necessarily resolutions, just some things I'd like to do that I think will make me happier.

- Cook more. I bake a lot but when it comes to cooking I'm a little lazy. I cook mostly the same dishes and I'd like to create more dishes from scratch and be more adventurous in the kitchen. I'll be blogging the recipes and the dishes so they'll be more foody content on the blog in 2013 (hopefully!)

- Read more. Pretty sure this has been on my resolution list for three years running! I'm not going to put pressure on this year, like read 50 books; I'd just like to read more because I like doing it! I'd like to start going to bed earlier and just reading a book before I go to sleep to take my mind off things and relax me.

- Journal. I have been so lax on my art journal in 2012 and as much as I'd like to do it, I just find other things to do. I often find that I don't end up doing the things that I love because I don't make time for them!

I know I said I don't have any set resolution for this year, but actually, the things I've written above all have one thing in common! So 2013 will be the year where I 'Make time for the things I love.'

What are your resolutions? xo

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  1. That sounds like the perfect New Year's Eve! And there is truly nothing more Cornish than eating a Cornish pasty in the rain! Looking forward to reading your foodie posts and hearing more about you making time for the things you love, sounds like a perfect resolution.xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook