Friday, 11 January 2013

Oh, January.

Oh January. I don't know whether to love you or loathe you. I love your feeling of a new start, your burst of inspiration and fresh outlook. But I don't love the blues that follow, the cold starts or the frosty mornings. To be fair, you've been pretty good so far, weather wise. Rather warm you might say. Not set to last mind, because I heard a rumour we might even get a tiny chance of snow this weekend. Snow!

So anyway, with the temperatures about to drop again, I've naughtily been doing some online window shopping. I'm after some good sturdy boots, maybe another wooly jumper to add to my expanding collection and perhaps some nice wooly socks to boot. I saw these funky socks on eBay, how cool are they? I also fell in love with this cardigan from Van Mildert, and the colour of this Joules cardigan is gorgeous! I'm not one to follow trends and usually don't pay much attention but the colour blocking I've been seeing around on various blog posts have caught my eye. Bold splashes of colour aren't really my thing, but after seeing Gem and Victoria do it so well, I started to imagine maybe I could pull it off too?

For christmas I got a wonderful mustard yellow scarf from my sister, and it goes so well with my usual palette of navys and browns. Actually, most of the clothes I wear are a I wear blacks and browns and blues and creams but I generally stay away from bold and bright colours. I didn't get the whole neon trend, but I don't think my wardrobe even contains something that might even be considered bright. Not even my summer clothes! I think I'll add some colour and dare I say it -personality- into my wardrobe during 2013. Perhaps step away from my comfort zone and try something new. Where do you think I should I start?


  1. The Paul Smith cardi is ace. I love the print!

    I tend to play it safe most of the time but then have a few dresses with mad prints and such.

    I suppose it's all about wearing what you like and if that happens to be safe colours then so be it :)

  2. That cardigan is gorgeous!xx