Friday, 19 April 2013

An update

 Just thought I'd pop in with a bit of a chatty post today.

Has anyone been watching The Great British Sewing Bee? I'd seen a few mentions of it on twitter so I had a watch on iplayer as it sounded like something right up my street. It's great! I caught up on all three episodes, and it's such a shame it seems like such a short series! It's seriously making me want to make all my clothes and get my sewing machine out! I had a dress form brought for me when I was about 14, and I was convinced I would sew all my clothes but that never came into fruition and now I seem to be bitten by the bug again. Or atleast the idea of it! I think I'm often offput by the price of some fabrics, but I'd love to create a really lovely garment that is perfectly finished and I've spent some time making. And the fact you can alter it how you want and it will be completely unique! I'm rooting for Lauren, and I do love Sandra! Ann is extremely talented and very meticulous, (Where's the elarrrrshtic?) but I have a soft spot for the other two! I've found Tilly has a blog, and so does Lauren and I've found lots of useful sewing tips and links to other sites so that will certainly keep me busy!

Speaking of, I have a very rare few days off work this weekend and I'm definitely not planning on wasting them! Me and Gray are going on a road trip! Woohoo! I'm driving down to Kent tonight, and then we'll be coming back Sunday evening. We're heading into Canterbury tomorrow and spending some time with his family (the main reason for the trip) and then on the way home Sunday we'll spend the day in Brighton! I've been to Brighton before with my parents and we did The Royal Pavillion and the pier. We're definitely going to do the pier again, but I'm mostly interested in spending my time in the Lanes! I've written down quite a few vintage shops that I want to visit but if you have any hints or tips about must visit places then please do let me know! I've never been to Canterbury, so I'd love some tips for there too :)

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  1. Oooh hope it's sunny for you!id love to go to Canterbury!I live in Brighton and Hove,these are considered must do in my eyes if visiting for the day:mooch around snoopers paradise and have photo taken,have a bubble tea in pearl,have an ice cream in boho gelato or scoop and crumb,go to bills' for something to eat,go to daves comic store and visit the sweet shops!xx