Saturday, 13 April 2013

Healthy: Lizi's Granola

I'm a huge believer in taking packed lunches to work and I always try to encourage people to do the same. I know it's extremely popular to just pop out at lunch and buy a meal deal for a couple of pound a pop but it definitely adds up! I'd rather use the money at the end of the month, which might add up to like £100! Even though you'll obviously still have some costs with pre-making lunches it's much cheaper, plus you could always take some leftovers from your meal the night before which is ever better. Or if you have a microwave available at work then you also have the option of taking in a can of soup or something!

Anyway, this past week I was sent some of Lizi's Granola to try. I'd heard of this brand before and I really love their brand ethic. They use natural ingredients and are big on slow release energy (this stuff is specially formulated to have a low glycaemic load). And it really is one of those little business ideas that started from a kitchen and has gone large scale! Lizi homebaked this for her B&B in the 90's and she went on to develop a whole range of granolas.

I was a bit worried at being sent a packet because all of Lizi's products contain nuts, and I'm not a nut lover. But nuts have big health benefits, hence them being in the granola and I've been tucking in to this treacle and pecan one. If you're worried about the taste of nuts, then don't be! I hate peanuts and cashews and the like, but actually these pecans (and especially with the crunch of the granola) taste delicious! This particular granola was a winner at The Great Taste Award so you don't just have to take my word on it! It's described as having a lovely warm taste and balanced with black treacle for a rich dark flavour.

One thing that's not clear on the website is the actual storage and packaging of the granola. I opened a box of oats the other day which was being stored on its side in the cupboard because it was so tall, only to find it was loose in the box and now won't fit back in the cupboard because it needs to be upright! Nightmare. Anyway, I really like the little pouches the granola comes in, and once you cut off the top, it has one of those ziplock closures that you have on sandwich bags. It keeps it airtight andis super easy to store, so that's another thumbs up from me.

I know some people have an aversion to healthy things like this, particularly things like granola and muesli, but don't knock it til you've tried it! You can even sprinkle it on top of some vanilla icecream to balance it out ;)


  1. I love Granola, this one sounds lovely.
    I've read quite a few reviews of Lizi's Granola, I may have to buy some.


  2. I'm all for packed lunches too!

    Never tried Lizi's Granola as I've never seen it in any shops but will definitely look into it!

    1. I know they definitely sell it in Waitrose if you do fancy trying it! :) xx