Saturday, 27 April 2013

Little road trip


I can't believe it was a week ago since I drove down to Kent and enjoyed a weekend full of sunshine and travel! It's been hailstones and drizzle here, but with the odd sunshine I'm feeling a bit of hope for summer. Last weekend was perfect. We arrived at Gray's Mums house late evening and dinner on the table, a luxury for me! No washing up either!

Saturday was a supposed to be a nice lazy start, and my plans to have lie ins were rudely abolished by my body clock still thinking it was a work day. I've been working 7 days a week for the past month (and another two to come) so I was gladly looking forward to these, but I couldn't break routine! It was a perfect way to spend my precious time off and I'm really grateful the sun did come out for us. We got the park and ride into Canterbury which was a very reasonable £3 for the day, and spent the afternoon shopping and sight seeing. We had a stroll in the park and visited a few charity shops, and had fish and chips. We also headed to McArthurGlen designer outlet in Ashford just before it closed and had a leisurely stroll (and more shopping much to Gray's disgust!) I finally found a new purse, a gorgeous design from Nica which I expect I'll show soon.

Sunday we headed to Brighton. Again, a lovely day and such a nice place too. We spent the whole day wandering the Lanes and generally chilling out, and a big thank you to Sophie for ideas of where to visit. We went for lunch in Bills but it was packed so we headed off to a nice little cafe and had burgers there instead! To top that off, we had icecream from Scoop and Crumb, and I'm so glad Sophie recommended this place because it was super yummy! I took a few photos of this place (and our dessert) which I'll review in another blog post soon. I loved Berts homestore and we spent so long in all the vintage markets and shops. I couldn't help but think how boring and grey it made Southampton seem! Gray is keen to go back there and I am definitely happy to oblige. It's about an hour and a half away from us, but parking is a bit expensive so maybe next time we'll take the train. We managed to time it on a national protest day so there were police everywhere expecting a riot to break out! We had a bit of an adventure finding the ice cream parlour thanks to street barriers they'd put up and there were a lot of people but thankfully the huge presence of police meant nothing too major came about.

I loved Brighton and Kent and I can't wait to head back there soon! I'm always trying to convince Gray to come on road trips and visit to other places with me instead of staying in the same place, and I think this trip has showed him why I love exploring like that! I'd love to visit more places in the UK, and definitely Europe when we have more time to do so! Then I'll be able to begin my real adventure (I wrote about my urge to travel here.) Happy weekend! xo


  1. I live in Canterbury! It's beautiful isn't it? x

  2. I'm so jealous! I love Canterbury (although I haven't been in years, so need to change that!) and adore Brighton too- I went to college in Brighton so was always snooping at the shops in the Laines, it never go old :)

  3. Just came across your blog and I adore your style, and these photos are so beautiful, Id love to be there sat there in the second photo reading a book :)
    New follower, Vanessa Chloe

  4. Great photographs :) x

  5. Awhh sounds like you had a fab time!Glad my recommendations were to your taste!:-) Sounds like the perfect break xx