Friday, 10 May 2013

Caran d'Ache Neopastel review

As an artist, I'm always perusing art supplies and adding to my expansive collection. When I was younger I always loved getting big packets of colourful felt-tip pens and spent a long time arranging them into rainbow order after I was done with them.

The last time I used oil pastels was way back in college - I remember using them in life drawing class to create quick sketches of our model. I mostly used them for large line drawings and outlines, it was way back in GCSE art that I actually used them for colour. I was contacted about reviewing these Neopastels, which are from a brand called Caran d'ache. Being an art nerd, I'd heard of these before but if you haven't, they are a swiss company founded in 1924. I actually had a packet of watercolour pencils by them when I was younger in a red tin, they were my prized posession!

The first thing that struck me with these were just how professional they looked! They come well packaged in a black box and lined up neatly so they are easy to store. This packet is the pack of 12, but they also come in 24 and 48 and 96. I found these SO easy to blend. They are lovely to work with, they blend exceptionally well from colour to colour and are really soft and easy to use. I found having a cotton bud to hand (a tip I found online) also helped with the blending, allowing each colour to merge seamlessly. I really recommend these pastels if you're looking for some for your collection, I really was so impressed with the softness and the colour pay off is excellent too. One thing I would point out is that these are obviously not great for detailed work. It was quite difficult to create lines with because it doesn't have a sharp point, but pastels are mostly used for larger pieces or colouring. A big thumbs up from me. What's your favourite medium to work with?

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