Thursday, 2 May 2013

Healthy: Special K

Here I am again talking about food! I'm not going to make excuses, it's no secret that I eat a lot. And of course as you all know, I'm trying to make what I eat that little bit healthier.

I'm not a fan of toast for breakfast (but definitely for a snack!) unless it's paired with a huge fry up... what was I saying about healthy? Ha! I'm out the door at half 7 everyday so a fryup is totally unpractical for me, but I never ever miss breakfast. I've always been a cereal lover and when I was back living at home I had weetabix everyday without fail. Since moving out last year and trying to live on a budget, I ditched the branded stuff and tried the cheap 'wheat biscuit' varieties. In one word, don't! Seriously they taste like cardboard! So as an alternative I switched to 'Crisp Rice' (aka rice crispies.) The value packet is 77pence a pop at Sainsburys for 440g and that's what I've been having everyday for the last 12 months for my breakfast.

Well, now you have a gripping insight to my morning eating habits, I'll get to the point. It can get a bit boring having the same thing everyday can't it? I've tried different granolas, which are yummy but they're too dense for my breakfast. Personally, I love eating them as a snack with fruit and yoghurt, or just on its own when I'm feeling peckish. So when I was offered a packet of Special K I thought, 'Hey, why not try something new?'

Of course we've all heard of Special K. But did you know they hadn't changed there recipe for 30 years? Well they have now, and it's now made with wholegrain (three to be exact - wheat, rice and barley). Wholegrain is a great source of fibre and it's still a good source of 8 vitamins and iron. Now here's a confession. I've never had Special K before. So if you're looking for a comparison for the old cereal to the new one, then this isn't the place. But if you want to know what I think of this one? Deelish!

I've really been enjoying reaching for this in the morning. They're quite sweet and very tasty, which surprised me and I'm definitely interested in trying the Oats and Honey version too. I love them crispy, so I try not to let them soak much in the milk but then I wolf them down so quick it's not difficult! Like I do with granola, I've also been enjoying them as a snack - a really good alternative to crisps. I'm not a nutritionist and I certainly don't claim I know anything about the science of the healthiness behind this cereal - but I do like the fact it now gives me added fibre to my diet, as well as lots of vitamins and iron. I'm certainly a convert, and it'll be a while before I switch back to those little rice pops.

What do you eat for breakfast?


  1. I absolutely LOVE special K! I have to have a massive bowl of some kind of fibre cereal in the morning or I can't do anything!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. I used to love special K until I realised the amount of rubbish they make it with so I had to wave it goodbye when I wanted to lose weight for good! I tend to have smoothies for breakfast (banana and peanut butter is my fave) or sometimes we'll make our own granola which is always awesome xo

  3. I love Special K! I always have the peach & apricot one :) I usually have cereal or crumpets for my brekkie! xx

  4. I love special K, have it every day for breakfast and will never change! xx

  5. I am also a recent convert and loving the red berry one :)