Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Pashley and the Peugeot

I've been meaning to post about my lovely new bike for ages but never got round to it, so here we go! Me and Gray brought this wonderful second hand Pashley a few weeks ago and I really am in love. Gray's been trying to get me into cycling for a very long time (he is a super keen cyclist) but I always knew that if there was ever going to be a bike that I would want to ride forever, then it would be a Pashley. They are massively out of our price range when it comes to buying them new - this one here is the top of the range model and it's a Pashley Princess Sovereign, which we got for a steal off gumtree. It's a couple of years old but it's been kept in perfect condition and I feel so... majestic when I ride it! I sit very upright and cruise around town with groceries in my basket - I feel like I've stepped right out of a movie! You can see Graham's bike up there on the right and I love his too - it's a vintage Peugeot which used to be his Mums and has nursed it back to good health; although he's soon buying another bike which is a bit more racy (think carbon fibre frame and only weighs 6.5 kilos! A huge difference from my weighty Pashley!)

This bike makes me want to go and ride it all the time which is what I wanted - something that actually encourages me to excercise and use the car a little less. For now, it's used to pop to the shops at the weekend and to the park for a picnic in good weather, and I'm really rather happy with it for that. Perhaps one day I'll go for longer rides but the Princess Sovereign really is a town bike and that is what I shall use it for. I've been getting quite a few comments from passers by which is great, she has a lovely huge basket on the front and classic little bell too! We also brought some panniers for the bikes which I'm sure we'll share on the blog soon :) I hope the weather's nice this weekend - I have the weekend off work for once and plan to spend it on my bike! xo


  1. Gaaah!!! I am in love!!! I got a Pashley Penny about 18mths ago and it is the best thing i ever did!!! I can compleeeetely relate to you. I ride everywhere now and as i have never ever been a gym bunny and often used to just walk everywhere to get a bit of exercise, i find myself taking my bike instead and sometimes just going out simply to do a few laps of the park. You will LOVE riding through each and every season - its the simplest but lovliest feeling ever!

    Sound a bit crazy here i realise but i just literally went 'waaah somebody else has a Pashley!!!!!!!' lol. I featured mine in alot of my posts, if you click on the Pashley Label in my sidebar, or there is a little piscure in my About Me section.

    Happy cycling!!!xxxx

  2. I have your Princess' bigger brother - the Pashley Roadster Sovereign 28" and it's a marvellous bike! I don't as yet have a wicker basket for the front...

    Enjoy :-)

  3. wow I am super jealous- finding that on Gumtree is amazing! What a gorgeous bike <3 x

  4. Woweeeee, I love the basket! And that last photo is wonderful xx

  5. O wow, your bike is so pretty! I've been wanting to get a bike for a long time now but haven't found one that's just right. This one is gorgeous though.

    I really like your outfit too by the way, it's stunning.

    Jodie xx

  6. she is a princess indeed! i wish i could afford a bike!

  7. Oh it's so pretty! Xx

  8. Catching up with your blog!
    I am in love with your bike! I bought a vintage Dawes shopper a while ago - a bargain, but it's no Pashley! A girl can dream....!
    x x x