Saturday, 22 June 2013

IdealCases Review

Hello! And long time no post! I had a wonderful afternoon this week at the Southampton Etsy Craft Party and met some really talented ladies and I'm feeling really inspired to blog again! I've got a few new posts up my sleeve and I'll be posting about the party very soon, but for now I'm going to tell you about Idealcases...

I was contacted a few weeks ago about trying out their new iphone app and testing our their products. They specialise in creating custom cases for phones, e-readers and tablets so you can put your own photos or drawings or whatever on your case. I love the idea of creating your own unique case thats truly personal to you and they can create cases for a whole load of things too (including Blackberries and Kindles.)

I recently got a gorgeous ipad mini (which I'll be posting about soon too!) so I was keen to keep it protected in a hard case. The app itself was really easy and simple to use which made the process super simple. One down side is that because I did it on an ipad, the app is only for iphone at the moment so I either had to have the app in the centre of the screen and small, or zoomed in and so the buttons and graphics were blurry. I think that's the designer in me wanting everything to be crisp and clean, but the app worked no problems and didn't quit or have any issues when I was using it.

The app is really well designed with a simple colour scheme and easy instructions. The app has little hints which you can turn off or keep on which guides you through the process. I chose the clip on hard case in black which has a matte finish, and chose a Cath Kidston pattern to decorate. I had the option to choose photos to upload from Facebook or instagram, but I went for the choice of uploading from my camera roll. You can also choose from their gallery to use one of their pre made designs, as well as being able to add in text and clip art to enhance your design.

The case arrived really quickly which was suprising for me because I thought it would take a few weeks because it's custom done! But it didn't and I'd highly recommend them for their fast and efficient service. The case itself is really strong and sturdy, the black matte finish looks great on my ipad and it clips on really tightly and fits perfectly. I am disappointed with the image, but that's my own fault. I used a wallpaper I got online and so the quality of the case is pixelated and I think that's because the image I used was 72dpi. Although I should've checked the resolution of the image before I used it, I think it would have been good for the app to have told me that the image I was using was low-res so the case wouldn't have come out as sharp. When I previewed the case on the app (which you can see in the left image) it looked great so I'm a bit disappointed it came through with poor quality! Thankfully it's only visible close up and the pattern still looks good and the case protects my ipad really well.

So my final thoughts on the app would be that it's really easy to use and the site is great for creating custom and personal cases. My only suggestion to Idealcases would be to create something in the app that would tell me if the image I chose was low-res, but until then, I just suggest you choose a high res photo if you do create a case with them! Most photos will be fine, I was just silly and chose a desktop wallpaper which obviously would be too low for print... doh! So just double check the photos/pattern you use for your case and you're good to go! Oh, and the app is completely free! If you fancy your own case, you can get a lovely 10% off your order in June with the code sugarpatch10. xo


  1. love the floral pattern

  2. Love this case I need one! :)

  3. I love the pattern you chose. I may order something for my tablet (a galazy tab 2)

    Y x