Sunday, 30 June 2013

So long Google Reader

I'm sure you all know by now that google reader is closing tomorrow. I've read that GFC isn't closing, so we'll still keep our follower counts but as someone who used Reader to read all the blogs I follow, I needed to find an alternative, so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Bloglovin' is an extremely popular choice and most bloggers recommend it. It allows you to follow blogs with ease and there is no limit to who you follow. One thing I really like about Bloglovin' is that it takes you to read each post on their blog - so you can see it in context to the blog layout. Bloglovin' keeps a header at the top of the window (which you can see above) that makes it super easy going on to the next post.I find loading times quick but still slower than a feed reader. Bloglovin allows you to seperate each blogs into category like reader did, and like the posts and organise them too. You can follow Sugarpatch here.

Feedly is an application that is very similar to Google Reader. Unlike bloglovin', it is customisable with colours and with layout and you can choose to read as a tile views, lists or individually. However, it doesn't allow you to view the posts in their blogs but I really like the way you can change the view and easily move from post to post and keep them in categories. There is an extension for web browsers that integrates feedly and also can be shared easily through multiple social media.

Importing blogs from google reader is easy for both applications and uses an xml file that you export from reader and load into the new one. They both have apps that are easy to use and the layouts for both mean the blog posts are the focus and don't detract from the content.

There are many more platforms and readers out there, but these are the two that I've used beofre and can recommend. I use feedly at the moment, because I like the layout and the fast loading of each post. What do you use to follow blogs? xo

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