Sunday, 14 July 2013

Make this go on forever


Hello! I'm home from Paris, and as expected had the best time. I turned 21 last Tuesday whilst I was there with my twin sister and it was the best way to celebrate! The whole of last week was just perfect, hands down the best birthday I've had so far. I had so much fun with friends and family, it was perfect weather for everything and I'm so grateful for all of it! We were only there three days but we managed to pack in lots and we got to see all we wanted. The metro was excellent (I found it easier to understand than the tube!), temperatures in the low 30s, icecreams eaten often and so many gorgeous views. Parisien buidings have always been inspiring to me and I can't wait to illustrate a few! We were pretty tired by the end of the week, (we were sat opposite Lily Cole on the tube home!) and it was topped off with a boat party with work on Friday night. I had a recovery weekend to say the least, and I'm feeling inspired to be organised and refreshed to start things new! xo

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