Sunday, 21 July 2013


In case you hadn't noticed, England is hot! Sadly I think we've had our week of summer with the rains threatening us this coming week but I like to think I've made the most of it. I've loved not having to wear tights to work and getting some use out of my summer wardrobe for once! I've been taking my lunchbreaks outside and sitting in the shade, reading a book and making the most of the little park where I work. Watching the swans on the water and just people watching has been much more fun than sitting at a desk that's for sure. I read Rosie's blogpost the other day and it's definitely something I agree with and want to continue - to make the most of the time we can get away from our desks and I plan on going on more walks and heading out of the office more even if it is just for 5 minutes.

I wore this outfit yesterday - I rode around on my Pashley of course but it was really far too hot as it was without excercise! I'm planning on doing some more excercise but in this weather I just can't face it (any excuse!) Of course I was still boiling even in this outfit but I really don't want to complain - it's been lovely. I paired the shorts and top with my new polka dot bag from Primark I recieved for my birthday which went perfectly! I forgot to take a picture with it - we only popped outside to take some photos of Grahams new bike and then I decided to tell him to take a photo for my blog with his battery steadily dying! I've got loads of posts in the works - I have all the photos but even with this post I've had a blank screen all of yesterday afternoon and this morning - I need to get my writing mojo back! xo


  1. You look lovely. I didn't get to enjoy the Sun has much as I would of liked to, I've just worked 1 days straight and now that I have the weekend of its cloudy and cold =( Glad you got to enjoy it though, I love the polka dot satchel.


  2. such a lovely outfit and i love the bag! following <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  3. It really does make a difference to just get out of the office, love the picture and the outfit , glad to hear you had one awesome week of summer .

  4. Beautiful bag!