Sunday, 4 August 2013

No7 Boots Beauty Haul


A few weeks ago I popped in to Boots to grab a few essentials and found this awesome little offer at the No7 stand. Boots are currently running a promotion to get a free No7 Summer Beauty Bag for free if you buy two no7 cosmetics. I've checked the website and it's still going but I'm not sure how long for! The site says the contents are worth £30 so it's definitely a good deal if you ask me! I picked up a new foundation - the Stay Perfect foundation in warm ivory, and the Intense Volume mascara.

When it comes to both foundation and mascara, they are generally the only products I always shop around for. I use the same blusher, concealer and eyeliner every day and have re-purchased products time and again. But when it comes to these two products, I like to try new things. I guess I've not found the perfect foundation for me, and I'm always eager to find the mascara that makes my lashes that little bit longer. These products are still in the sidelines as I wait for my current ones to empty, but I'll be sure to let you know how I get on!

Now for the actual beauty bag contents. Everything in the bag is mini sized, apart from the eyeshadow and lipgloss. It also has a primer, tinted moisturiser and mascara. I think these will be perfect for when I go on holiday and only want to take little things with me rather than lug along my whole makeup bag! I'm not sure how well the tinted moisturiser will match my skin as unfortunately the kits only come with the light/medium shade but I think with a tan it shouldn't be too bad! The primer is great, and the eyeshadow seems like a really good consistency although I'm not too keen on the lilac colour myself. I'm a neutrals girl but I think this will look really pretty dabbed in the inner corner of my eyes for a special occasion. The high shine lipgloss is a nice shade, very sheer but applies nicely. It's a bit sticky which is why I tend not to go for lipglosses but the scent is very nice and the sponge applicator makes it nice and easy to put on. Again, I've not tried the mascara and it's slightly different from the full sized one I bought - this one is extreme length instead of volume and is also waterproof, so should be perfect for my holiday in Turkey next year. The bag itself is really nice; it has a proper zip closure so will last a good while and it's a good size too. Plus, I like that it's partly see-through because I'm always rooting at the bottom of my current bag for various things!

Other beauty bits I picked up was the clear Barry M nail polish, eyelash curlers and Natural Collection lipstick. My old curlers were really falling apart! The sponge bit had fallen off and they weren't doing anything at all to my eyelashes. They were only a cheap buy from Primark so I decided to pick up these Boots own brand ones and I'm really happy with the definition and curl it adds.
I mainly brought the lipstick for the colour - Rose Petal - I wanted to see if it would suit me because I've been wanting a light pink shade for ages! The consistency is ok, it's a buildable colour but it doesn't sit on my lips very well, although I wasn't expecting much for £1.99. I have dry, chapped lips all the time and I found it didn't work so well with vaseline underneath. The shade was lovely though and I'm hoping a higher quality lipstick will be better for me... does anyone have any recommendations?

Finally, what I think was an absolutel bargain was the Dainty Doll eyeshadow base. I'm sure you all know this is Nicola Roberts collection, and this base retails for about £4. So you'd imagine my suprise at finding it in Poundland of all places! I snapped up this one in 001 beige but there were plenty other colours there too. I find it a good colour to use just on its own and I've also been dabbing a bit in my inner corners of my eyes to make them a bit brighter. xo


  1. Ooh what a great deal! That little make up bag is pretty cool on its own anyway!

  2. I swear by a good pair of eyelash curlers!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Friday Hun xoxo