Sunday, 1 September 2013

A trip to West Dean

These photos were from a trip to West Dean a few weeks ago with my family. There were loads of greenhouses full of vegetables and fruit and it made me wish I had a garden to grow my own! Can you believe we're in September already?! I'm excited for autumn though - to stay in of an evening with a cup of hot chocolate and a good film, or to go on a walk through the forest with my wellies on a chunky scarf and knitted hat. What's your favourite thing about autumn? xo


  1. What beautiful photographs :)
    My favourite thing about autumn is the crunchy sound of leaves under your shoes and it not being too cold to wear a jumper out but too warm for a coat :)


  2. Amazing photographs! I'm looking forward to lots of film nights snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate in hand this season whilst it's raining outside :) xx

  3. Gorgeous photography!

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    Thanks x