Monday, 23 September 2013

Animal Rebefy bag

Just like shoes, bags are my weakness. I sound like a very stereotypical girl in that one sentence so you'll have to overlook the vanity, but it's true. I have a lot of bags. Bags of bags, boxes of bags and bags hung on doors. Big ones, little ones (some as big as my head). I don't change my bags as often as I should but generally I swap between colours during the week to go with my outfit and then on the weekends I go for smaller bags. Mostly because I don't have to carry the huge amount of food I take with me to work ;)
I find some smaller bags are still a bit awkward though. I have a big purse and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm surgically attached to my iPad so that comes with me everywhere. Often, heaven forbid, I have to leave that at home because I can't carry it I'm my little bag #firstworldproblems
In all serious though, I like bags that are big enough to hold all the unessential items I like to drag around with me and I can still zip it up without a problem. 

I chose this Animal cross body bag from Surfdome and I'm so pleased with it! For one, it's by Animal, so we know it's a damn good brand right there. Secondly, the design is gorgeous, and I'm being a girl again because the florals are just lovely. And the best thing is, it holds all my stuff. It's not too small, but I wouldn't say it counts as a big handbag either. It's the perfect middle man in the bags world. 
I thought I'd make this post into a what's in my bag post just so you can see how much can fit in it.

It easily fits all this in, and I don't have to yank the zip across because there's still plenty of space left over. It holds my purse, iPad, phone, coin purse and the ever useful umbrella in the main pocket. There's another zipped section on the front that holds my headphones, hairbands, painkillers and lip balm. See? All the essentials!

I'm really impressed with the quality, and the material it's made from is coated canvas, so it will be durable and super easy to wipe clean too. The strap is sturdy and even though the amount I shove in my bag often equates to the weight of a small elephant, it won't have a problem holding it. I can't tell you the amount of bags I go through because the straps break where the stitching has come loose, and there's plenty to choose from here. Im pretty confident in this one, because it's a good brand and the whole thing feels really well put together. Oh, and it has a 2 year guarantee! Awesome. has loads of cool stuff on their site and I highly recommend checking them out. xo


  1. Ohh it's gorgeous! I love that it's small but you can fit a lot inside!

    Jennie xo |

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