Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kate Spade iphone case


I often find that getting a new phone case makes me feel like I have a brand new phone, especially if it's good quality. This Kate Spade case was sent to me from Three Mobile, and I have to say it ticks all the right boxes for me! I love Kate Spade's designs and this really was a no brainer. I love the signature hot pink edge and polka dots are my weakness!

The coolest thing about this case is that it it comes in two parts - The black silicone part goes on first and protects my iphone, with the pink outershell snapping easily in place. Getting it on and off isnt a problem (it took a broken nail to get my old one off!) and it fits so well over the volume buttons, camera and lock switch.

As soon as I took it out it out of the case, I could tell it was high quality and I love the way it fits on to my phone. Even the packaging was gorgeous; hot pink, bright orange and gold embossed text? It makes me designer brain melt! I love my new phone case, and can't recommend it enough. I've been guilty of buying cheap cases off ebay that often snap at the edges around the buttons and are really weak so don't protect the phone so much. I've been thinking more about buying quality rather than cheap recently, and it's things like this that reinforce the idea. I feel like I link Rosie in a lot of my posts (I can't help it, her blog is my fave!) but she often writes about buying less and buying better. I'll certainly be looking in to this some more and I expect I'll write about it soon!

This is by far my favourite phone case I've had. My very first phone (a nokia 3210, obvs!) was covered with a lilac Eeyore number, and then I ventured in to a flip phone which was duly decorated with phone charms and scoobies! I have to say, my phone feels very grown up in this little outfit! xo


  1. lovely case. I want one for my iphone too because they seem so pretty and I hear it is great quality!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  2. I am desperate for a Kate Spafe iphone case, have had it on my wishlist for ages, I thought for a long time that you couldn't get them in the UK! I'm making a trip to the shop in Bicester Village soon as I want to get a Kate Spade iPad Mini Case if I can. Thankyou so much for linking to me lovely, it's definitely something I try hard to do - the pleasure of having something that feels really good quality is immense :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

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