Monday, 21 October 2013

Glowing rectangles

There's something about being able to sit in bed with your pjs on, the covers wrapped around you and a night of blog reading on the cards. I am extremely guilty of letting my blog reader stack up and up, reaching hundreds of unread blogposts and then feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling them. The problem is, I don't really give myself any time to read them. Nowadays, I always follow links through Twitter of an evening, and catch up on a post like that. I used to have evenings of reading my favourite blogs and having the count read zero. I was a student back then though, and I guess now being an adult these things are overlooked. The washing up needs to be done, the flat needs to be cleaned and the dinner is waiting to be cooked. You get home from work and spend your evenings refreshing twitter and Facebook and doing chores rather than spending any spare time relaxing. That's what I really should be doing. I'm wasting what spare time I have doing things that don't have any real significance. I'd much rather be spending my time reading blogposts and racking up inspiration for my own than reading about people's thoughts on xfactor.

When I was a student and spent the evenings round my boyfriends house, I used to sit on his bed, on his laptop and let the evenings pass in a flash. I enjoy blogging and reading blogs is a great way to relax for me, but something I need to take time out to do. I think being able to do it on the sofa, with some trashy TV show you're not really watching, or in the bedroom with a cd playing is much better than sitting in the study, at your desk, on a computer. I love laptops because of their portability and the fact we can guiltily have them at arms reach wherever we are. Sadly, our laptop has take a turn for the worst so I'm back on the PC scouring the net for Acer laptop reviews. I'm also going to invest in a new SLR next week and I'm super excited at the idea of not having to wait five seconds for the next photo to shoot! I'm inspired to be blogging again and I'll share lots of new content soon! In the meantime, I'll make sure to keep an extra half hour free in the evenings to get that reader count back down to double figures... xo


  1. I find reading blogs super relaxing too, I rarely sit and refresh twitter anymore because I found myself losing SO many hours doing that not really achieving anything!

    Jennie xo |

  2. Guilty of this too. Am a student and often find myself under my duvet with a tv series on a background on a sunday night reading blogs i haven't managed to read in the week. The count once got to over 300, had a lot of reading to do and blog snacks were a must!

    J x

  3. I've been very guilty of this lately and I love catching up on blog posts. So thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only one! Loved this post, so I featured it on my series, 'Post Love' this week :)

    Holly xx

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