Saturday, 26 October 2013

In this home

As we're no longer students anymore, we've been wanting to invest in some new, good quality furniture. Most of the furniture in the flat is a mixture of things brought from our childhood bedrooms, some big ikea purchases and furniture passed on from friends. Now we are growing older, investment pieces are something I want to explore. I love places like ikea, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just crave good quality and maybe even a wardrobe that doesn't wobble! (It's too many clothes, I know)

Our lounge is probably the most eclectic in terms of mixed furniture. We moved into this flat fresh out of Uni so money was scarce as we scoured around for jobs. I had a lot of furniture to fill the bedroom from my former room, but the living room, not so much. We were very lucky to have a Uni friend from Norway who was moving back home donate a lot of the furniture to us. A dining room table, a few desks and a single bed, which we use as a sofa. I think this was one of my better ideas - sofas are so expensive and this way it's super comfy and practical for when we have guests too. I've just covered it with a lot of cushions to reduce the width (so you don't fall right back!) and a couple of bolsters too. I know cushions can be expensive, especially when you add them all up but I found a job lot of plain cushions on eBay and have spent the past year slowly making covers for them. I sourced all the materials from eBay and charity shops so there was no breaking there bank either.

The one you can see above is my most recent make. Calico is very cheap and perfect for embroidery - this was done by hand over a few evenings watching Breaking Bad! The back is a plain bright red so it adds another bright pop of colour and started out as a fleece blanket from ikea.

I think one of our first 'proper' investments in furniture will be a good, solid coffee table, and there's lots of choice in John Lewis. The Abin Coffe Table is just gorgeous! Is it just me or do coffee tables feel like a real adult purchase? I've always wanted to have one covered with inspiring magazines like The Simple Things, Oh Comely, and design books like 'Typography Sketchbooks' and books by Sara Fanelli.

 The living room is the heart of our home, and a coffee table balancing a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a good magazine and a pair of feet balancing on the edge whilst you relax in comfort sounds pretty ideal for an October afternoon. xo

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