Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kitchen dreamin'

I used to be one of those children who ripped things pages out of magazines and created moodboards for my future house. Tell me I'm not the only one who did that? I still do it now, although it's rather more modern and in the shape of pinterest...

I really love being nosy able to have a peek around people's homes. I love blogs that feature beautiful homes, such as A Beautiful Mess (of course) and Design Sponge. It's so inspiring and aspirational, but I would love to own a home that I've decorated as beautifully as some I see on the internet!

Last week I wrote about decorating and furnishing on a budget, but this week I'm letting my dreams run wild. Just look at that gorgeous wooden table! (I expect that sentence would geek many people out but I know us bloggers understand) The main thing missing in my current kitchen, is a dishwasher. The amount of times me and Graham whine about who's turn it is to do the washing up is rather silly. We don't have much space in our kitchen unfortunately, so it's still a chore that we'll argue about until we move.

Looking through my 'Interiors' pinterest board, it seems I'm a sucker for natural and neutrals complimented by bright pops of colour on the walls and with the accessories. And hell, maybe even a coloured fridge whilst I'm at it! There's a lovely red one that would look perfect in our flat! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because of my love of baking, and so it would probably be the first room in my future house I'd spec out. I have plenty of kitchen accessories, and I am one of those people who keep ingredients in glass jars - they just look so pretty! I'd love a really big kitchen with a view to the garden, a bit centre island with bar stools and a swish induction hob.

One day, eh? xo

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  1. Oh god yes I used to do that and have thousands of magazines in my room! Now thankfully Pinterest has come to my rescue! I love looking at things for a house, I can't wait till I can decorate my own house, I feel sorry for my boyfriend though who I drag around showing him stuff! XxxX