Sunday, 6 October 2013

What Katie Loves

I thought I'd pop in with a post today rounding up all the little things I've been loving lately.

I discovered this blog thanks to Rosie, and it's one of those blogs you can spend an entire evening reading. TwowithSeven is gorgeously designed and Flora writes so beautifully. Her honest posts prompted me to write this post, and I feel like I can really relate to her life. There are a lot of parallels and it's one of the reasons I love blogging so much.

I'm really hoping to go the Renegade Craft Fair this year. Its on the 9th and 10th of November in London, and I know Graham has wanted to go to London again so I might be able to convince him to spend it traipsing about with me whilst I try not to spend all my money. There are plenty of talented people going, including Harriet, Rachel and Sam who I met last June at the Etsy Craft Party.

I've wanted to get back in to drawing for a while now so I decided to set myself a challenge to draw every day in October. I'll be posting them up on my art blog, although some might be tiny sketches rather than finished paintings and some are just plain bad! I'm hoping the practice will make me a little less rusty and I'll get some more confidence in creating art again.

I took a cheeky day off last week for some well needed retail therapy. I picked up this H&M skirt which I'd seen in one of Brogans hauls. Call me a cheap skate, but I just don't like spending more than a tenner on a simple skirt. Luckily, I picked this up half price and paired it with a simple white shirt and black tights at work in the week.

I picked up some really lovely cards last week in Clinton Cards. I didn't realise, but they have a value range now and I was so impressed with the design and qaulity for the lower prices. The cards are very pretty and really well designed, so I stocked up on a few for only a pound each.

My skin has been angry lately. I've had a breakout along my jawline and chin which is getting me down, and I don't really like covering it all up with makeup because I feel like it would improve without it. I do cover it though, because there's no chance in hell that I'll be able to go out without it and so I'm hoping my cleansing routine will help it a little. I picked up a new cleanser (like I need another!) which is the Boots No 7 gentle cleanser as well as taking a bit more time toning my skin with Bioderma and generally trying to keep fit. I've started the 30 day shred again in a bid to get healthy and feel better in myself. Hopefully I'll see some results in both my skin and my body by the end of October.

Finally, I've been loving this song by Luke Sittal Singh. I also watched Drive the other night and the soundtrack is incredible. xo


  1. I'm probably going to the Renegade craft fair too! We should hang out :)

    1. Ah super! We should definitely meet up :) xx